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An insurance agent is a party whose role is to bridge customers with insurance companies. The role of the insurance agent is very important. Because besides moving as an intermediary, the agent is also the party who will explain the product clearly and in detail. Agents must be able to explain well so that later there will be no misunderstanding about the product. Feeling uncomfortable sometimes arises when visited by insurance agents. Some people sometimes equate insurance agents with salesmen who for some people are enough. And it can't be blamed completely, because insurance agents do work to sell insurance products.

Apart from the plus and minus of the presence of insurance agents, it still needs to be recognized that the presence of insurance agents is needed by people who need insurance products. They are intermediaries that connect between insurance companies and customers. If you want to make a product purchase, there are many benefits if through an insurance agent.
Choosing the right insurance agent does require its own tips. Because buying insurance is not as easy as buying a shirt or other item. This insurance involves financial problems for long-term goals. In addition, the funds spent are also not small.

You need to consider the following points before determining the insurance agent you will choose. There are several considerations that must be met. The following are some things that must be considered.

1. Make sure, the Insurance Agent to be Chosen Has a License

Choose an insurance agent that has a license such as the Indonesian Life Insurance Association (AAJI). This license is proof that the insurance agent has knowledge, training, and can be trusted.

2. Does the Insurance Agent Have Insurance for Sale?

Find out if the insurance agent has insurance that he sells. It would be nice if you ask an insurance agent to show the policy. That way, you can find out more about the insurance offered. So, with an insurance agent having insurance that he sells, you can trust what he said.

3. If you don't understand what is offered, will you choose it?

The ideal insurance agent in general is the one who really understands insurance. The explanation is not only about the benefits of insurance, but gives consideration to prospective customers. It is expected that insurance agents can provide new knowledge about insurance to prospective customers.
If you understand the information that insurance agents convey, choose the insurance agent. If not, try asking where you don't understand. If you still don't catch the point, it's better to find another insurance agent.

4. Find Out the Experience of Insurance Agents

How long does the insurance agent play his role? This is important. The duration of his experience as an insurance agent and the amount of insurance that has been sold proves that the insurance agent may be an option.

5. Don't Choose the Difficult to Contact

When you are confused about the insurance you have, times like that you need help from an insurance agent. Disappointed if the insurance agent is difficult to contact. You also feel that the service provided is far from satisfying. To avoid this, it's good to ask whether the insurance agent is easy to contact?

6. Know How to Plan Finance

Insurance agents must know how to plan finances. Customers can get an explanation that insurance is indeed part of a financial strategy. In addition, good agents will also participate in helping calculate the amount of the premium so that it will not disrupt the prospective customer cash flow.

Make sure insurance agents are reliable If at this time you want to find or choose a trusted insurance agent, make sure that the agent is capable and appears to play an important role for you as needed. Make sure the insurance agent can be relied on from the initial process to the end of the claim submission.

Home Design Ideas
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